Who are we?

Pear and Peach is a 100% Mexican personal care design company.

International technology, British design, Mexican natural florals and herbs, make it possible to offer our advanced care formulae at very affordable prices. Your health, wellness, and beauty are our priority.

When you try Pear and Peach you will see the real difference. Our products really do work.

International Quality Standards

QUALITY: The natural extracts of herbs and flowers in Pear and Peach products are produced by a Mexican company that is authorised by the U.N. and complies with the highest international standards.

Natural Soaps

Pear and Peach soap is made with food-grade natural oils: olive, coconut, palm and avocado. The delicious fragrances will make your bathroom a fresh experience!


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SOAP - Artesanal, hand made.
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High technology naturals - check them out!

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Now Open For Business

Dec 5, 2016, 5:09 PM
Pear and Peach at Centrito Nights.

We specialize in making your concepts a reality.

We design personal care products, and we design them well. If you have a special need for a personal care item, perhaps for allergy reasons, we're willing to consider special projects if we can see a market for them. Our main expertise is in skin care and hair care. Some of our designs are cosmeceuticals. All are naturally effective.

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