Our Expertise


Awesome Features

Constant research into new active ingredients. You asked us for products that really work, so we set to work. We researched Mexico's wonderful medicinal plants, beginning with "A" - the Aloe Vera, used at 100% in our burn-and-bruise healing cream, RESCUE.

Then we researched advanced materials, such as Chinese Licorice Root and Vitamin C - for lightening and restoring your skin.

We tried new hi-tech plant based actives, and put the best into our most advanced products, like REJUVE, which has protein polypeptides from pea sprouts.

Advanced Hair Care

We knew that you wanted sulphate free shampoo at a reasonable price, but achieving that, and getting a good lather too, proved to be one of our most difficult projects. Finally we did it. Then we researched the causes of dandruff - and discovered that many people get complete relief from essential oils. Our Tea Tree shampoo is now our most popular.

Natural Products

Wherever possible we base our products on naturals. Our cold process soap, for example, is hand made and based on food grade oils. Due to its naturally high glycerin content it mosturises the skin as well as looking and smelling great.